Karim Hassan


My Name is

Karim Hassan

Full-Stack Developer / Software Engineer / iOS Developer / Project Manager

A Little About Me
Dubai, UAE
Born in
Cairo, Egypt
Current Job
Software Engineer (FullStack)
American University of Sharjah (AUS)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Building Mobile and Web Apps
Golang, Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, HTML, CSS, Python
CI/CD, ML, Web Development
What I have learnt:
Technologies Used: GoLang
Platform: Web

A library of common functions used in my projects which includes a logger, a database connection pool, an http client, caching client with support for redis and in memory with tracing support for Azure Application Insights

SDD (Social Distancing Detector )
Technologies Used: Python,JavaScript,Flutter,React,OpenCV,YOLOv3,Jetson Nano
Platform: iOS,Android,Web

A fully autonomous system that constantly check if individuals in a given space are not maintaining the minimum safe distance of 1.5 meters between one another. The System builds on the object detection algorithm YOLOv3 and maps objects detected in 3D space. Once a safe distancing violation has been detected the manager of the space is then notified of the violation in realtime through push notifications on the mobile app developed. The system comes with a mobile and web app to Track the violations detected in any space being a store/restaurant/cafe Technologies used:

  • Flutter
    • Used to build the cross platform mobile app
  • React
    • Used to track and view analytics about spaces where the system is being used
  • OpenCV + YOLO
    • Used to run the algorithm that detects and maps individuals in 3D space and calculate the distance between them
  • Jetson Nano
    • The device used to run the distance detection algorithm at the network's edge